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Susan Freda

Medium: Wire, Precious stones, Gold, Silver

You GO GIRL!  I am crazy over Susan Freda.  The lifesize ‘dress’ sculptures really captured my eye.  The jewelry is so organic and refined.  Lovely job.

Visit: SusanFreda.com

SFREDAdress SFREDflower  SFREDArings SFREDAlamp







C.W. Roelle

Medium: Steel Wire

I first met C.W. several years ago working in a parking lot in downtown Providence, RI.  He was working with his hands on what I thought was a watch repair and then as I looked closer…. he was creating ‘wonderful’ 2 and 3-d works of art.  I was taken by this and carried on a conversation about his work.  Spectacular!

Visit: CWRoelle.com

CWRoelle_Tower CWRoelle_ManPaper CWRoelle_Giraffe CWRoelle_chair