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Claire Marschak

Medium: Painter, Watercolors, Art Instructor, Designer

A plein-air painter for sure… Claire’s creations share her passion from her life with spot-on paint stokes and colors that absorb true-to-life form.   She focuses on light, earth and genre. Topics range from architecture to landscapes. With serene attention, it’s hard not to dive into her world.

Visit: Claire Mari

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Brian Elig

Medium: Illustrator, Watercolors, Ink

Brian’s work takes me to a place where fun and fantasy merge. After meeting him at Comic Con this past fall, his keen eye exploits the detail of the mystery, yet humors me of the strange and unfamiliar.  I’m on a cryptic trek with every viewing…

Visit: BrianElig

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Arthead Studio

Medium: Mixed Medium, Watercolors, 3D

I am crazy over Arthead Studio work!  Somehow i’m thrown back to the 70’s with a remix of something re’new’ed again.  I find these artistic creatures warm, curious and with a touch of quick wit attached.  Browse the site, and you’ll be an ArtHead follower…

Visit: ArtheadStudio.com

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Tracy Lizotte

Medium: Watercolors

Tracy is the Modern Mademoiselle of watercolors.  You can’t help but look and find and seek and smile and want to just a small part of her big world.  I love that her inspirations come from her daughters, family, nature and just plain everyday life!  Browse her site and if anything be inspired..

Visit: TracyLizotteStudios.com

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