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Arlene Shechet

Medium: Porcelain

What do Arlene and Meissen works have in common?  Fine works of porcelain art.  And oh my goodness is her work so unique!   Currently exhibiting now at the Rhode Island School of Art Museum through July 2014 it’s  a must see.  Arlene’s sculptures are creations from her artist residency in Germany at the Meissen Manufacturing Company.  Her touch is delicate, surreal and sculptured with a few juxtapositions that position hierarchy, thoughts and old world.  Visit and see for yourself.

Visit:ArleneShechet.net and RISD.edu





Artist/Rebel/Dandy – Men of Fashion

RISDMensEx_oldphotoI visited the RISD Museum during July’s ‘Gallery Night’.  Very popular exhibit on men’s fashion.  I was intrigued by the ‘plaid-design’ and how decades later, PLAID is still a very stylish pattern and fashion-plate not only in men’s fashion but for women as well.  RISD continues to use multimedia in their exhibits (which I like) and some ‘hands-on’ stations as well.  Nicely done.

The 2 most ‘stand-out’ pieces for me: A wig and Ferragamo shoes worn by Andy Warhol and a suit? (actually top hat and tails) worn by Fred Astaire.