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Corey Motta

Medium: Photography

There is an urban fresh feel when I discovered Corey’s photographs. He was inspired by the use of a camera from school. How cool is that?! Capturing not only young faces, but the sounds and sights that are captured when we listen and see. He is a pioneer in his journey and he seizes it with each click of the lens. Keep clicking Corey, you are on to something very big!

Visit: Corey Motta

Read my exclusive interview with Corey here.

Making Cards with Carol

Medium: Greeting Cards

Discovering Carol’s creations had me at ‘hello’… Her greeting cards were a perfect invitation to have me wanting all of them! With blank or inside sayings like, ‘Do you ever get the feeling that your Fairy GodMother stepped out for a smoke? Hang in there’ or ‘You make me HAPPY when skies are grey’ made me develop a mental list of all my caring relatives and friends that need to hear and receive these… Way to go Carol! She loves to share a part of herself with people she loves… I am touched.

Visit: Making Cards with Carol

In God We Trust Ceramics

Medium: Ceramics

American, family-made, operated and made with love. Ahhh… so nice to see more wonderful talent here in RI. I happened upon these in a coffee shop and snagged a business card immediately then hopped on my laptop to see what their unique housewares are all about! In love with the themes, hand painted colors and made-to-order creations. If you are looking for the perfect ‘homemade’ gift that would reflect someone special, this is your place. Visit the website, you will be glad you did.

Visit: In God We Trust Ceramics

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Paint Nite

Medium: Painting Event

In a creative mood and wanna have a little fun? Surround and emerge yourself for the night with a cocktail or two and friendly folks all around.  What is this you might ask? …well it’s a night to put a smock on, grab a few brushes and paint your heart out!  PaintNite is a two hour venue that let’s you become an artist-of-the-moment.  Find a friend, relative or neighbor and share a creative night with PaintNite. 🙂

Visit: PaintNite.com






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