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Liza Stace

Medium: Exploratory Printmaking, Photography, Drawings

Liza arranges and creates art from abandon spaces across the globe. There is much secluded form here. Follow her relationships amongst these ruins, and what has been left behind, and you will discover hidden philosophies, uniqueness and parallels…

Visit: Liza Stace

Villa Buenos AiresStace4Villa RosaStairs



Susann Foster Brown Studio

Medium: Printmaking, Quilts, Pen & Ink

Printmaking and Pen & Ink (..along side greeting cards) are my favorite mediums. So image when I discovered Susann Foster Brown! There is nothing more exciting than handmade paper, inks and reversed images. Susann is also an accomplished quilt-maker and graphic artist. With so many talents the Studio glistens with detailed nature and old fashioned beauty with eccentric elements. Visit virtually or take the trek to New England.  I have. (smile)

Visit: Susann Foster Brown Studio

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Kim Gatesman

Medium: Printmaking, Etching, Painting

With a true element of originality, Kim takes printmaking to serious DIY levels.  Her emerging talent keeps rising and producing amazing pieces of artwork.  With the need to explore, build and create, the process and techniques are equally as important as the outcome.  Yes science is part of the equation!

Visit: KimGatesman

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Island Designs

Medium: Embossing / Handmade Paper and Printmaking

This team of wife and husband comingle their Eastern and Western artistic talents to produce amazing works on handmade paper.  The process starts with a drawing then goes through several stages of metal plates, heat, color, wax, presses etc… and in the end each piece is truly an extremely detailed work of art that exhibits beauty of nature and surrealism and everything it has to offer.


IslandDesignSea IslandDesignCoy IslandDesignBoat IslandDesignBird