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Darrel Perkins

Medium: Illustrator, Printmaker

Don’t you just love ‘absence of light’, I do. Darrell’s work plays on the negative space and brings it to life! As a local illustrator and printmaker his inspiration comes in diverse forms. The human figure, wit and hero’s make-up a few. It’s as if there is a very interesting story behind each piece (and there is…). Discover for yourself these brilliant linear creations.

Visit: Darrel Perkins

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Lori Bradley

Medium: Printmaking, Mixed Media, Ceramics, Painter

Nature has a new meaning to me and Lori let’s me breathe with it.  I feel grounded and know my sense of being with her work.  It’s calming, it’s forever changing and it’s illuminating all at once.  I love it.  I feel a rebirth with each piece she creates.  Respond for yourself.






Gail Whitsitt-Lynch

Medium: Jewelry, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Printmaking, Pen and Ink, 3D

The game of life in the creative world… that’s how I see Gail Whitsitt-Lynch.  Her range of creations spans the medium-world and constantly amazes me…  Her work encompasses problem solving, changing ideas, the intellect, emotions, issues and just plain down-to-earth Da Vinci of our time.  Explore her work and navigate through her mind…


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