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Three Wheel Studio

Medium: Pottery

I love Dwo Wen Chen’s story behind his passion for clay. His work surprises, amazes and keeps me seeking more of this talented wheel throwing gift. His subjects are just as unique as his color schemes. With exotic yet playful and oh-so eye-catching ability, each piece is tastefully executed. From playful childhood memories to hand placed organic leaves, each stage of his work it thoroughly planned and executed to perfection. Bravo!

Visit: Three Wheel Studio

Kingsley Weihe Pottery

Medium: Pottery

When you mix professional architecture with a hobby, Kingsley’s pottery has arrived. With a rewarding affection of construction that mixes science and art she masters appealing decorative motifs in her work. Leaning more on African designs her functioning pieces can serve as lamps, vases, containers and just plain old ornate style for display. Her color glazes are target-on and make these one of a kind creations oh-so appealing. Check out her work.

Visit: Kingsley Weihe Pottery

KWvase KWplate KWlamp KWbowls

Susan Shaw

Medium: Pottery, Jewelry, Painter

How does the viewer interpret my art? For Susan Shaw this task challenges her in more ways than one. What she sees, feels and translates into her work is on a personal level. Her creations come in multiple mediums: ceramic, jewelry and paint. With nature guiding her at times, concepts and movement beyond a piece is just as important as the space surrounding it. Visit her designs.

Visit: Susan Shaw

ShawNecklace ShawBirdShawPot


Sheilagh Flynn

Medium: Clay Pottery

With ease of pigments with spires and swells, I am drawn to this studio.  Sheilagh’s humble nature is reflected in her work.  The inspiring designs and warm tones make for perfect and useable ware.  Her organic nature takes center stage and never stops from there…Discover Sheilagh’s formations.


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