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Corey Motta

Medium: Photography

There is an urban fresh feel when I discovered Corey’s photographs. He was inspired by the use of a camera from school. How cool is that?! Capturing not only young faces, but the sounds and sights that are captured when we listen and see. He is a pioneer in his journey and he seizes it with each click of the lens. Keep clicking Corey, you are on to something very big!

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Read my exclusive interview with Corey here.

Dean Williams

Medium: Photography

I met Dean this summer at a craft fair in Riverside, RI and was eager to check out his work. With a fresh attitude and a passion for the lens, it clearly shows in his photographs. With genre subjects and an eye for color and composition, each frame is a must see. With every piece I am taken on a little journey into his world and never wanting to stop. Dean’s art has me seeing life in a whole new level. Bravo!

Visit: Dean Williams

Brett Henrikson

Medium: Photo Art

With many interpretations Brett combines photography with artistic processes. His work has me journeying through his various portfolios. Between vivid colors and abstract concepts, they resonate in unconventional ways. Brilliant!  I am constantly seeking the true meaning of his work. Having recently discovered him, I will continue to follow his creations.

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Michael Eadington

Medium: Photography

I respond to Mike’s work and you will too. With nature being grander than anything on earth, his photos will have you at ‘Wow’… The Sierra Nevada region is captured wholly in each of his scenic studies and each snapshot is truly a gift. Born and raised here does have it’s benefits.  View his site for a variety of amazing shots!

Visit: Michael Eadington

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