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Stephen Martin

Medium: Photography Art, Mixed Media

Is it true that all artists start at ’emerging’?!  I don’t think so…I think when you’ve got it, you’ve got it.   And Stephen’s got it…  His work had me at seeing wonderful fresh new creations.  I am truly awestruck on his photo-merging portraits that play on mixed media and photo montage.  His ‘fantastic’ pieces have me wondering how could I have missed this and I need to tell everyone about them!  Step into his pictorial world.

Visit: StephenMartin

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Judy Robinson-Cox

Medium: Photography+

Has your mind gone mini for mindscapes and lilliputian landscapes?  What a beautiful world Judy has created.  Each photograph can tell several stories you can create on your own, in your mind or find out the reality behind it all.  Her work is full of color, creativity, and mind-blowing uniqueness that sets her apart…


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