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Richard McCaffrey

Medium: Photography

Richard’s camera-eye says it all. With a seasoned gift behind his lens, his craft has been dedicated to taking photos. Each image is a performance. With beginnings as a US Army photographer that lead to commercial work his passion took him to covering art and music in Rhode Island. Later his career photographing the music industry was born and it’s fabulous! Take me back to rock-n-roll, up close and personal. Way to go!

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Kathleen Gerdon Archer

Medium: Photography

With nature in place, Kathleen helps us grasp and arrange art in a new light.  A gifted photographer her subjects range from human to natural elements.  A story can be told but it’s your vision that sets the stage in her work.  Uncover for yourself…


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Tonna McGuinn

Medium: Photo Art & Greeting cards

Past present with quiet greatness…  Tonna’s work captures nature, nature with architecture and just plain old genre settings.  Her style is simple but with overtones of detailed realism.  Stop and view and maybe you’ve seen her local work and sights in Ireland as well…


TonnaWindows TonnaOcean TonnaCastle TonnaFall


Erin Walsh

Medium: Photography

You know how the camera captures a moment? Well Erin captures a moment within a moment… what does that all mean? Don’t blink because her work will have you lost in a world of great subjects, objects and places.  They are all places we can relate to or perhaps have seen or been to.  You want to remember these great moments because they make us ‘Smile’ all over…


ErinWinter ErinSailBoat ErinLighthouse ErinDawn