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Daria Tessler

Medium: Silkscreened art, illustration, pen and ink

I am SOooo much into pen and ink drawings I was flabbergasted when I discovered Daria’s work. Born in Finland with interests in math and physics, her creations are dreamlike mixed with fantasy and the yellow submarine! Her color tones are a mix of children’s books (yes she is an author too…) from the 60s and 70s combined with multiple matters that somehow a story waits to be told…. or UNtold. I could stare for hours at her universe and find new secreted unraveling’s each time. Visit for yourself.


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Gail Whitsitt-Lynch

Medium: Jewelry, Mixed Media, Sculpture, Printmaking, Pen and Ink, 3D

The game of life in the creative world… that’s how I see Gail Whitsitt-Lynch.  Her range of creations spans the medium-world and constantly amazes me…  Her work encompasses problem solving, changing ideas, the intellect, emotions, issues and just plain down-to-earth Da Vinci of our time.  Explore her work and navigate through her mind…


GailSculpture GailPenandInk GailJewelry GailBronze




Modest Maloney

Medium: Pen and Ink

I said it once, I’ve said it a hundred and one times… I love pen and ink drawings.  Modest Maloney makes it all happen.  Between the normal and maybe ‘un’normal, the creativity on the paper comes to life.  The simplicity needs to further introduction, it’s all just fabulous creative work…


MaloneySpaceCreature MaloneyOldWoman MaloneyNude MaloneyDevillike


Medium: Pen and Ink, Illustrator

Artist Aaron Kovalcsik has created a whole world of creatures taken from his sketchbook drawings.  Not only are they colorful and whimsical, they give us sneak peeks into human thoughts on paper.  Some things are never said but here they are written out with a sketch to match!


MonkeyOrange MonkeyOcto MonkeyHamburger MonkeyCrab