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Kimberlee Forney

Medium: Painter

Visiting Provincetown, MA this past spring I happened upon Kimberlee’s artwork on the pier. With genre scenes and vibrant colors, her ‘fantastical’ style was immediate! With a Vermont upbringing, (love that state), her interests reflect the culture of the land, and it’s natural surroundings. Her work has a musical quality that has you dancing and singing. Her bold lines accent energy of the subjects and conveys moods.

Visit: Kimberlee Forney

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Kevin Eager

Medium: Painter

New England has it’s own style, culture and artisans and Kevin is in that league. With a decade in Rhode Island his paintings reveal true results. From water treasures to boats and just the right amount of color, his technique really rocks on layering and scraping. The hues are weathered, comfortable and familiar. Having grown up painting along side his dad, his true art form has evolved and makes you want to steal a piece of each one. Enter his world.

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Blue Dog Art

Medium: Painter, Photography

Her colors are rich and subjects familiar. Rhonda Melucci’s art reflects her passion for life directly on canvas. With realism reinstated and inspiration all around, it’s not hard to find all the beauty in her work.   Her photographs are equally impressive and original. Encounter her concepts…

Visit: Rhonda Melucci

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Medium: Greeting, Note and Invitation cards

How could you not immediately be drawn to these fabulous cards?!  We all know how much I love cards….you name it, i’m buying it…  There is always an occasion, a birthday, a holiday, I could go on and on why we need to send little messages or invitations to someone.  Louisa has masterminded the cute, witty, clever and oh-so creative way(s) to do so.  Colors are attractive, wording is rightly-clever and if you need a customized look and feel, there she is.  Check these out, buy them and send me one!


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