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Richard McCaffrey

Medium: Photography

Richard’s camera-eye says it all. With a seasoned gift behind his lens, his craft has been dedicated to taking photos. Each image is a performance. With beginnings as a US Army photographer that lead to commercial work his passion took him to covering art and music in Rhode Island. Later his career photographing the music industry was born and it’s fabulous! Take me back to rock-n-roll, up close and personal. Way to go!

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Able Thought

Medium: Photography and Mixed media

With composition and nature as muses, I was fortunate to happen upon Able’s work in downtown Providence one night. Images on vinyl, they blew me away… Very fresh retro and as organic as his lyrics. It’s lively, original and Oh-so collectable.

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ATTree ATPlane ATMixed

Hygienic Art

September 2014

Hygienic Art

The Hygienic Galleries related to Hygienic Art is home to many varieties of art. Formally a 24-hour restaurant, today it incorporates theatre, a learning academy and fine art. The building has hosted a history of art shows that dates back to the 70s. Now a landmark for artists co-op, visit this gem in the heart’beat’ of New London, CT. What a great find for a great city that supports all the arts. Bravo!



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