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Evans Molina Fernandez

Medium: Paint and Mixed Media

There is a certain vibe with Evan’s work and it’s very present. With Cuban life, high energy and personal depth his paintings are nothing but real and raw. Incorporated into some works are literally fragments of his clothes and tears of memories from events lived. I purchased a piece of his work and he speaks of the sea, the fish the lives of Cuban culture and most importantly, the growth of his life today.

Hay una cierta vibra con el trabajo de Evan y es muy presente. Con la vida cubana , alta energía y profundidad personal sus pinturas no son más que real y cruda . Incorporado en algunos trabajos son, literalmente, fragmentos de su ropa y lágrimas de recuerdos de eventos vivían . He comprado una pieza y habla del mar, los peces la vida de la cultura cubana y lo más importante, el crecimiento de su vida en la actualidad.

Bravo Evans!

Visit: Evans Molina Fernandez

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Laura White Carpenter

Mediums: Ceramics, Painter, Mixed Media, 2D / 3D

I have great admiration for Laura’s work. With organic fragments mixed with attractive and appealing ceramic pieces has me drawn to hidden beauties, shapes, and forms. Has nature been enhanced? I think so… With layers in her paintings what is revealed? I see a new found landscape looking from altered dimensions. Fabulous! The 3-D pieces are a modern day juxtaposition on form and creative add-ons that let the beholder interpret their own intention, and it works perfectly. See Laura’s images.

Visit: Laura White Carpenter

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Lenny Halzel

Medium: Mixed Media

Lenny’s life in the arts has never stopped. Formally trained in graphic arts, his endless passion to create, refine and build warrants these wonderful pieces of wooden creations. With a start of poplar wood that transforms with paint, stencil and design, each finished piece is unique.   Hence the title ‘Unique Wall Art’. Love the concept of starting something and letting the art direct itself… Bravo Lenny!!

Visit: Lenny Halzel

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Carolyn Schmitz

Medium: Painter, Prints, Greeting cards, Mixed Media

While traveling out west with layovers in airports, I always explore exciting new gift shops. Low and behold I came across Carolyn’s work. OMG how wonderful! She adds a new meaning to nature and art combined, plus her works can be purchased in forms of greeting cards (I love GC!!!). What a wonderful way to expose western nature and create magical works of art. Explore her Earth…

Visit: Desert Dada

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