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Dasken Designs

Medium: Stained Glass, Jewelry, Fine Art

With this one-woman operation (ok, her partner and kitty assist too…), her creations are nothing less than fabulous! The name is a combination of her mom and dad. With mind and design spirit to guide her, she dedicates her studio time creating, soldering, painting, making jewelry while maintaining her web site and interacting with dedicated clientele. All with her personal touches. She focuses primarily on stained glass and her insights never stop. She is a true and devoted artist. With travels around New England for multi-site shows, she brings her best craftsmanship. Check out her works.

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Playful Jewels

Medium: Jewelry

The pieces are light, fun, colorful and happy-smile sea glass with sterling silver.  I love sea glass and jewelry (!) and when I find someone who creates with it with love, it’s even better!  Sandy Bryant fashions wonderful swirls, hearts and hammered design that creates unique parring with glass.  You never know what type of color is around the next corner or what unique design she crafts.  I want them all!

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Kate Martin Jewelry

Medium: Jewelry

I met Kate at an Open Studio a few weeks ago and immediately ‘got’ her work. With natured themes, hammered metals and textures I could tell she has been inspired all along… Her reflective patterns repeat in a harmonious way that make each piece a unique work of art. Her cuffs are stimulating and you want to wear every one!  Her glass beads are a whole new level of creativity. Check out Kate’s work.

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Sassy Classy Clay Creations

Medium: Jewelry

Sandy’s work had me staring at her wonderful creations. The colors and designs are all one of a kind and no two are alike. So when you find something you like, dig in for yourself! With materials of polymer clay bonded with silver, they create their own personalities. If you have a special idea in mind, Sandy makes an effort to assist in the creation of your liking. Visit her site, it’s like a mini creation/vacation that lasts and lasts…

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