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Medium: Illustrator, Mixed Media, Painter

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” – Lao Tzu

There are many steps in Debralee’s artistic talents and with a new year, the quote is quite fitting. Her emotions and visual symbolisms create her sphere. I am amazed with each piece as her form, stories, colors and importance encompasses each journey of her life, and her being…

Visit: DEMI Artistic

DemiPort Demi_self Demiv


Darrel Perkins

Medium: Illustrator, Printmaker

Don’t you just love ‘absence of light’, I do. Darrell’s work plays on the negative space and brings it to life! As a local illustrator and printmaker his inspiration comes in diverse forms. The human figure, wit and hero’s make-up a few. It’s as if there is a very interesting story behind each piece (and there is…). Discover for yourself these brilliant linear creations.

Visit: Darrel Perkins

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Erin A. Ellis

Medium: Illustrator, Greeting Cards, 3-D

Her work is entertaining, clever and original. I can’t stop staring at it! Erin started creating at childhood and hasn’t stopped. Her illustrations have morphed into greeting cards, prints and Chubbinkins. (what you say?!) Her imagination is far beyond creative boundaries and deserves an award for uber-ingenuity. Discover for yourself…

Visit: Erin A. Ellis

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Make Me A Dragon

Medium: Illustrator

Aren’t Dragons brilliant? They are when Tonya Ratz is in charge! Having been enamored with dragons since a young age, her imagination is beyond ‘creative’. Invent your own from her website or purchase merchandise with a clever creature. Your choice; discover her wise, mystical powers…


N7Dragon EiffelDragon WeddingDragon