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In God We Trust Ceramics

Medium: Ceramics

American, family-made, operated and made with love. Ahhh… so nice to see more wonderful talent here in RI. I happened upon these in a coffee shop and snagged a business card immediately then hopped on my laptop to see what their unique housewares are all about! In love with the themes, hand painted colors and made-to-order creations. If you are looking for the perfect ‘homemade’ gift that would reflect someone special, this is your place. Visit the website, you will be glad you did.

Visit: In God We Trust Ceramics

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King’s Forge Glass

Medium: Glass

Verre, vetro, gloine, vidrio… No matter what the language, glass is as unique as it’s character and is globally used, created and transformed.  There is no doubt that King’s Forge Glass captures these essences.  The collectable handmade Fused Glass comes with ample colors, shapes, forms and determination that sets it apart. With history in it’s past, each piece will fill your world with a little more Ireland…

Visit: KingsForgeGlass.com

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