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Polo Barrera

  Medium: Painter, Illustrator, Graphic Designer

Who doesn’t love nature?! Polo Barrera’s paintings mirror just that. As an abstract expressionist who is moved by natural surroundings, Polo’s colors and harmony set the tone for such an ‘ah’-inspiring paint on canvas. He doubles as an illustrator / graphic designer with whimsical-inspired themes. Check out his blog.


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Ann Gorbett

Medium: Painter

Ann has found her calling… It’s a palette knife and she’s never stopped. I first viewed her work at Patriot Place and was impressed. Ann began as a graphic designer and molded into oil painting with a palette knife workshop. She’s hooked, and it shows… Her genres take you to familiar folks to pets to the city and sea. Her colors are spot on and only brings a warm smile of wanting to jump into her world. Visit her site and learn more about her numerous creations. She also does commission pieces.

Visit: AnnGorbett

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