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Susan Freda

Medium: Wire, Precious stones, Gold, Silver

You GO GIRL!  I am crazy over Susan Freda.  The lifesize ‘dress’ sculptures really captured my eye.  The jewelry is so organic and refined.  Lovely job.


SFREDAdress SFREDflower  SFREDArings SFREDAlamp







Katy Westcott

Medium: Bamboo, Wool, Silver & Gold

How great is it when you find bamboo alone, then find out someone has made jewelry created out of it?  This is what Katy Westcott has done.  Little wooden creations you can wear and feel green about 🙂

Visit: KatyWestcott

KWescottPIN KateWestcottKNIT KateWescottNecklaceKWestcottEarrings