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Jennifer Nauck

Medium: Glass artist

With a mentor, imagination and experimenting, Jennifer’s love of glass was born. Her colors, shapes and creativity gives her the upper edge of this wonderful medium. With entirely her own beginnings of her style (still in the making), she morphed into larger pieces that reflect, light, movement, water and translucency. It’s dreamlike and mystic rolled into one. Visit her work and site.

Visit: Jennifer Nauck

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Neal Drobnis

Medium: Glass

Hello beautiful!  Neal’s glass pieces are just “eye”-boggling… So beautiful to look at.  With his love for old school glass-making, definite color master and organic and old world charm for vessels and history, these creations are just that – BEAUTIFUL… Visit his site and view for yourself 🙂


NealYellow NealTallOrange NealPurple NealOrange NealBrown