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Lynsey de Burca

Medium: Jewelry

While traveling I always look for distinctive works of art that remind me of where I’ve been. Always looking for a fresh outlook on something that’s been around for centuries… Lynsey’s jewelry has captured that essence. The west coast of Ireland known for it’s intricate knitwear, Lynsey’s jewelry has captured these ways in a contemporary approach. With organic patterns of silver and added gemstones make these pieces uniquely delightful. Shop for yourself!


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Rachel McKnight

Visiting Ireland for the first time this past Spring enriched my world of pure Irish history, rich cuisine and most of all fabulous artists!

Medium: Acrylic, silver and polypropylene

I found Rachel’s work in a small boutique in Galway. Her color tones of untainted purple, opulent yellows and uber ceruleans drew me in. Rachel experiments with acrylic, silver and polypropylene to produce unique shapes and designs that decorate any being. She has also recently created home products. Keep a watch on those. So if your in the Oh-So-Mood to challenge wearable conceptual art… Rachel’s creations are a must-have!


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