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Liza Stace

Medium: Exploratory Printmaking, Photography, Drawings

Liza arranges and creates art from abandon spaces across the globe. There is much secluded form here. Follow her relationships amongst these ruins, and what has been left behind, and you will discover hidden philosophies, uniqueness and parallels…

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Villa Buenos AiresStace4Villa RosaStairs



Joseph Moniz

Medium: Painter, Drawings

Reflections and human genre. Joseph’s creative portraits are expressions that bring out thought-provoking mindsets. Where are they? Where were they? …and what are they thinking about? All these hints from his work create a pleasing serene world…

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John Tabor Jacobson

Medium: Painter, Drawings, Mixed Media, Digital

Edgy, crisp with a variety pack thrown in. John’s work is an extension of his life, personality and being. Just speaking with him, his passion exudes from all over. I love his mediums as he centers on polaroids, digital media, paintings, drawings and sgraffiti. Visit his space or check out his site, I did both!

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Michael Hecht

Medium: Paintings, Drawing, Mixed Media, Prints

Artists are continually in perpetual motion to challenge themselves with new levels of creative work whether physically, mentally and/or morally. With Michael Hecht’s work, there is constant self-worth, being drawn into the psyche, the unknown and the limitlessness of everyday encounters to oridinary meaning.  His self-portraits swing on the pendulum of interrogate expressionism.  Fabulous(!) and well worth viewing.

Visit: MichaelHechtartist.com

MHSkull MHFleur MHWave