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Natalie Eden

Medium: Greetings Cards


It comes with the territory… with a creative mind and a passion for art, these wonderful cards were born! Natalie’s talents come in tiny note cards to expressive greeting cards. They are truly one-of-kind works that alone are ‘keepsake’ gifts. All eco friendly and a must have!!

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James Mazza

James Mazza Photography

Medium: Photography


James is a well spoken artist. His work goes even deeper with his creative format of photography, digital art and life influences. Raised in the south but born in the north his roots of making and creating art are an extension of his life. His pieces reflect time, memories, dreamlike visions with a hint of mystery. See for yourself his amazing works…

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Marian Gaydos Designs

Medium: Jewelry

Discipline, balance, character. Hear the rhythm of the elements in Marian’s pieces… Not only are the unique pieces ‘excitable’ to the touch, but her techniques and materials are the focus of attention each time. Bravo!






Elin Noble

Medium: Cloth

Freedom and forms… This is how I see Elin’s work.  Not only is her work fluid, a message of evoking unique qualities in mastering color, art, rhythm and texture all rolled up in one.  Discover this 3D medium and discover a new way of looking at cloth and creativity…


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