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Kingsley Weihe Pottery

Medium: Pottery

When you mix professional architecture with a hobby, Kingsley’s pottery has arrived. With a rewarding affection of construction that mixes science and art she masters appealing decorative motifs in her work. Leaning more on African designs her functioning pieces can serve as lamps, vases, containers and just plain old ornate style for display. Her color glazes are target-on and make these one of a kind creations oh-so appealing. Check out her work.

Visit: Kingsley Weihe Pottery

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Sheilagh Flynn

Medium: Clay Pottery

With ease of pigments with spires and swells, I am drawn to this studio.  Sheilagh’s humble nature is reflected in her work.  The inspiring designs and warm tones make for perfect and useable ware.  Her organic nature takes center stage and never stops from there…Discover Sheilagh’s formations.


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Dew Claw Studios

Medium: Pottery

Looking to get dirty in a creative way?!  Visit, take classes or a workshop at Dew Claw Studios.  Located in Pawtucket, RI, this husband and wife team offer a space to create, learn and make pottery.  It’s fun, affordable and you meet like-minded folks who mold, spin, kiln and smile all while making a piece of art they create to call their own…


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