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Deborah Baronas

Medium: Paintings, Charcoals, Window Panels

Am I moving through time or have I just lived in the current? With Deborah’s pieces and installments the moment brings you back and forth from present to past. It’s movement in artist time…Reflection and stages of our lives keep us in the now. The mediums are textiles and images that echo relics and dance around us to form what we think or want to have seen… It’s magical.

Visit: Deborah Baronas

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Kelly McCullough

Crazy Over Art, Kelly McCullough

Medium: Painter, Graphite, Charcoal and Pencil


A touch of light that reflects something so simple that it creates art. A smile that reflects a mood, or a hint of site-size? Weather it’s philosophy, science or theory, Kelly’s paintings touch all these elements to create works like the great masters she studied abroad. So…admire her reflections, highlights and shadows as her pieces come to life with a mystery of magical experience.

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Huguette Despault May

Medium: Pencil, Photography, Charcoal

Being surrounded by art (degrees and professionally) Huguette’s work still emphasizes on common sights throughout life.  Her charcoals are real and earthy, her photos are of nature and surreal and her pencils drawings are large and awakening.  See for yourself her wonderful world of everyday items and how they appear thru Ms. May’s eyes…


MayRope2 MayRope MayHiveSky MayHive

David Witbeck

Medium: Painter, Woodcuts, Charcoal

I want to keep talking in “W’s” with Witbeck work!  Wow, witty, wild, warm and whimsical.  But most of all, it’s WONDERFUL!


WitbeckNude WitbeckMaine WitbeckFish WetbeckWoodcut