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In God We Trust Ceramics

Medium: Ceramics

American, family-made, operated and made with love. Ahhh… so nice to see more wonderful talent here in RI. I happened upon these in a coffee shop and snagged a business card immediately then hopped on my laptop to see what their unique housewares are all about! In love with the themes, hand painted colors and made-to-order creations. If you are looking for the perfect ‘homemade’ gift that would reflect someone special, this is your place. Visit the website, you will be glad you did.

Visit: In God We Trust Ceramics

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Susan Shaw

Medium: Pottery, Jewelry, Painter

How does the viewer interpret my art? For Susan Shaw this task challenges her in more ways than one. What she sees, feels and translates into her work is on a personal level. Her creations come in multiple mediums: ceramic, jewelry and paint. With nature guiding her at times, concepts and movement beyond a piece is just as important as the space surrounding it. Visit her designs.

Visit: Susan Shaw

ShawNecklace ShawBirdShawPot


Lori Bradley

Medium: Printmaking, Mixed Media, Ceramics, Painter

Nature has a new meaning to me and Lori let’s me breathe with it.  I feel grounded and know my sense of being with her work.  It’s calming, it’s forever changing and it’s illuminating all at once.  I love it.  I feel a rebirth with each piece she creates.  Respond for yourself.

Visit: LoriBradleyArt.com





Chad Frownfelter

Medium: Ceramic

Chad is a true Ceramic Artisan.  While visiting his studio, I was in awe of his work.  His very cleverly designed teapots are an inspiration to switch from coffee to the tea leaf!  His carefully color-mixed glazes add to his unique pottery-skills and his continuing explorations with clay.

Visit: ChadFrownfelter

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