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Seth McCombs

Medium: Pen and Ink, Watercolors

I met Seth this past summer (2014) at a Quahog Festival in New England.  Somehow the magic of his drawings drew me to have a quick discussion with him.  Very humble and extremely talented.  His work excited me because it was about Narragansett waters, big quahogs and exciting folk tales…  I purchased his book, ‘Old Salty Dog‘, because I wanted to dig a little deeper into his artwork, imagination,and his theory on comics and storytelling medium.  Discover for yourself, and you too will be sold on aquatic life!


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Daria Tessler

Medium: Silkscreened art, illustration, pen and ink

I am SOooo much into pen and ink drawings I was flabbergasted when I discovered Daria’s work. Born in Finland with interests in math and physics, her creations are dreamlike mixed with fantasy and the yellow submarine! Her color tones are a mix of children’s books (yes she is an author too…) from the 60s and 70s combined with multiple matters that somehow a story waits to be told…. or UNtold. I could stare for hours at her universe and find new secreted unraveling’s each time. Visit for yourself.


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Carol Way Wood

Medium: Watercolor, Greeting Cards, Author and Illustrator

I met Carol during an Open Studio in New Bedford, MA a few weeks ago.  What an inspiring woman!  She and I both agree how important ART is (big smile) in your life.  Her work has grown from book illustrations to greeting cards to Alphabet lettering to Marriage certificates to Fabulous treasure boxes she creatives for holiday gifts!  This woman has the Midas touch.


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Joyce Ronald Smith

Joyce Ronald Smith Interviews with Crazy Over Art.  Click the Interviews Tab for all the details.