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Nina Ackmann

Medium: Painter | Photographer

Nina’s creations are in a constant state of movement. As an artist, her relationship to color varies with each pigment and how it can effect mood and emotions. Nature is a large part of her world and continues on the canvas and how the colorings respond to each other. Working as a psychotherapist, she and her works are always in motion, learning and change. Nina continues to be inspired by learning and life.

Visit: Nina Ackmann

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Adam Jaye Porter

Medium: 2D, 3D, Collage, Photography, Video, Animation

Chances, accidents, fantasies? All these eccentric visuals comprehend Adam’s work. Include rituals of memory, past exposure and the imaginative mind and you’ve got yourself a collection of narrative pieces that excite the awareness! Muse on over to his works…

Visit: Adam Jaye Porter

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Darrel Perkins

Medium: Illustrator, Printmaker

Don’t you just love ‘absence of light’, I do. Darrell’s work plays on the negative space and brings it to life! As a local illustrator and printmaker his inspiration comes in diverse forms. The human figure, wit and hero’s make-up a few. It’s as if there is a very interesting story behind each piece (and there is…). Discover for yourself these brilliant linear creations.

Visit: Darrel Perkins

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Cheryl Ann McNulty

Medium: Illustrator and Paint Pastel

‘tis the season to celebrate! I discovered Cheryl’s work in a boutique gallery/shop in Rhode Island. Her illustrations, portraits and greeting cards had me at ‘hello’! I made an instant connection and was mesmerized by emotions of holidays, children, inspiration and most of all the giving of the Christmas season. A must visit site to view her collections of work to put the spirit back in your world.


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