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Ancizar Marin

Medium: 3D

You can’t help but smile and wish you were part of the activity with Ancizar’s creations. Noted as ‘The Climbers’ his works are from his Colombian roots and formal art training. With travels through South American, his exposure to many cultures found his world open to form, color and textures. Notice the interaction between each piece as they can be arranged in multiply ways. Sculpture is an obsession with Ancizar as he continues with mediums of chrome, bronze, fiberglass, wood, resin and volcanic rock. His end result?, to capture humans with emphasis of love, art, dreams, admiration and knowledge of mankind. It works well with me…

View: Ancizar Marin

Sharon Cutts

Medium: Painter, 2D, 3D, Sculpture

I recently discovered Sharon’s work at a Providence gallery. I was intrigued at first glance. The subject matters had me wondering about hidden or backside thoughts while my interest in her ‘staples’ mixed within gave a sense of balance and added dimension. Sharon knows color and how to use it. Captivating. With pallets of mixed mediums and subject matters, she is constantly moving with new processes and elements. Her former life working in 3D has morphed into a new form of medium that challenges her driving force.

Visit: Sharon Cutts

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Lovepop Cards

Medium: 3D Greeting Cards

Wouldn’t you love to receive one of these extraordinary greeting cards? I would! These 3D mini sculptures are in a league of their own. With an intricate design and a brilliant surprise when opened. Each card is an engineering-creative sliceform kirigami. Wow! But non-the-less, awesome, expressive, unique and a true keepsake for sure… Visit their site.

Visit: Lovepop Cards

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Laura White Carpenter

Mediums: Ceramics, Painter, Mixed Media, 2D / 3D

I have great admiration for Laura’s work. With organic fragments mixed with attractive and appealing ceramic pieces has me drawn to hidden beauties, shapes, and forms. Has nature been enhanced? I think so… With layers in her paintings what is revealed? I see a new found landscape looking from altered dimensions. Fabulous! The 3-D pieces are a modern day juxtaposition on form and creative add-ons that let the beholder interpret their own intention, and it works perfectly. See Laura’s images.

Visit: Laura White Carpenter

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