ISB Gallery

With a calendar chock full of exciting exhibits, this gallery is a must see.  Located in the heart of Providence, RI the floor space is well lit and laid out.  ISB is short for ‘Illustration Studies Building’ and is part of the Rhode Island School of Design.  The exhibitions vary and the crowd loves it!  With every visit, there is chatter amongst the viewers and deep conversations that stall folks to take in all the wonderful artwork.

Visit: ISB Gallery


Laurie MacKenzie

Medium: Mixed

With a growing list of awards, shows, publications and teaching experience, Laurie is totally passionate about her painting.  I stopped in her gallery, studio and teaching space only to find Laurie inviting me in to explore her world.  Her creations hang proud with a variety of subject matters from watercolors to oils. There was a class in session and everyone was willing to share their craft.  With an intimate setting, her downtown Westerly, RI store frontage is the right setting to create, learn and just be…

Visit: Laurie MacKenzie

Playful Jewels

Medium: Jewelry

The pieces are light, fun, colorful and happy-smile sea glass with sterling silver.  I love sea glass and jewelry (!) and when I find someone who creates with it with love, it’s even better!  Sandy Bryant fashions wonderful swirls, hearts and hammered design that creates unique parring with glass.  You never know what type of color is around the next corner or what unique design she crafts.  I want them all!

Visit: Playful Jewels

Nigel B. Howe

Medium: Woodturnings

Nigel’s work had me at hello.  With each one-of-a-kind home décor piece, it’s as if nature is turned better due to his creations.  The knots are enhanced, the shadows take a new side and the forms create a wonderment aesthetic value. Some are functional but I would just leave them perched to show their grace…. Each piece is hand crafted and he so enjoys speaking about the natural beauty of each formation. Well done!

Visit: Nigel B. Howe