Meet Carrie Decker!

Art Blogger.

Happy Spring

Hello non-snow days and some green perhaps?  I love this time of year, it gives us all a new beginning on life and art…

How did this whole thing begin?!

CrazyOverArt blog was launched in June 2013 as I needed a venue, platform, place, space.. call it what you wish… to share and explore artists, galleries and museums. I’m an artist at heart and love sharing views, opinions and anything art-related to anyone who will listen! There is so much out there and I feel this blog is the start of many art projects waiting to begin…

With a BA in Art History, and minors in Fine and Commercial Art, I dabble in logo designs and wedding invitations. Later I earned a Certificate of Museum Studies after volunteering in several museums. Employed as an Analyst, the love of art is always tugging at me. I manage to keep one (little) toe in the art world as the passion never leaves. Stay tuned…the best is yet to come!

Cheers! Carrie