Meet Carrie Decker!

Art Blogger.

Hello Fall…

It’s all about the crisp air and au natural colors… oranges and yellows peak.  Celebrate the changing of the seasons.

How did this whole thing begin?!

CrazyOverArt blog was launched in June 2013 as I needed a venue, platform, place, space.. call it what you wish… to share and explore artists, galleries and museums. I’m an artist at heart and love sharing views, opinions and anything art-related to anyone who will listen! There is so much out there and I feel this blog is the start of many art projects waiting to begin…

With a BA in Art History, and minors in Fine and Commercial Art, I dabble in logo designs and wedding invitations. Later I earned a Certificate of Museum Studies after volunteering in several museums. Employed as an Analyst, the love of art is always tugging at me. I manage to keep one (little) toe in the art world as the passion never leaves. Stay tuned…the best is yet to come!

Cheers! Carrie