Making Cards with Carol

Medium: Greeting Cards

Discovering Carol’s creations had me at ‘hello’… Her greeting cards were a perfect invitation to have me wanting all of them! With blank or inside sayings like, ‘Do you ever get the feeling that your Fairy GodMother stepped out for a smoke? Hang in there’ or ‘You make me HAPPY when skies are grey’ made me develop a mental list of all my caring relatives and friends that need to hear and receive these… Way to go Carol! She loves to share a part of herself with people she loves… I am touched.

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One Commentto Making Cards with Carol

  1. Carol says:

    Thank you so much for including me in your blog. I feel very honored to be included.
    I really do love making cards. When I make my cards I use stamps and dies from various stamp companies . You would be surprised how just a simple thing like sending a card can brighten someone’s day. So, I try my best to make something that will be meaningful to both the person giving and receiving the card. To see more of my work please click on the link above .
    Again, thank you so much !