Here are my thoughts on Gallery visits...

November 2016

DAWN at the Grant – Art Gallery


Tucked away on Main Street in downtown Pawtucket, RI is a wonderful oasis called Dawn at the Grant – Art Gallery. Housed in an old department store, this gallery serves the community as a perfect space for gathering and conversation over art. Wonderful inspiring talent. The fine art is local and from a far and varies from seasoned to fresh talent. I love this venue as the displays are always ‘just right’ and the variety is ‘picture-perfect’. Stop in for a renewed look at amazing art and converse with the artists that are always happy to share their creativity…

Visit: Dawn at the Grant – Art Gallery










October 2016

Gallery Z




Each time I visit Gallery Z, there is added and new art to discover.   With an eclectic blend of mediums from around the globe, the trek is well worth the visit. With owner, Berge Ara Zobian, (a professional photographer), and his knowledgeable staff, the conversation will always center around fine art and their most current exhibits. Upon my last visit there, I was able to encounter a live gallery talk, experience the artist’s most current work, subjects and multiple mediums. So exciting!

Visit: Gallery Z



September 2016

Peter Miller Gallery


I love photography and when it’s displayed at the Peter Miller Fine Art Gallery, I learn more and more about creativity behind the lens. With Peter’s work and a gathering of other photographers; the subjects, colors and techniques display cutting edge works. Peter offers limited edition digital prints for purchase on the website along with workshops. Check out the Gallery and visit his site.

Visit: Peter Miller Fine Art


August 2016

ArtProv Gallery

There is nothing more exciting than visiting a new gallery in town. And.. when you meet the owners, the excitement around art is even more thrilling! With 3 cool-hip exceptional rooms for display, the historic building truly sets the tone. Waking into their space lies beautiful, unique contemporary art that has you wanting more. I’ve been several times and keep bringing family and friends to share in the experience. With artists present their conversations will have you deeply involved in the making and passion of each form of medium. Well done!

Visit: ArtProv Gallery










July 2016

Ursel’s Web



There is nothing better than shopping for fine art and finding a gallery that dedicates itself to just that. Ursel’s web located in Middletown, CT carries extraordinary pieces of international gems and local art. Half of the gallery is dedicated to framing so the marriage works hand-in-hand. I was introduced to German ‘Smokers’ and find the handcrafted figurines so charming, I purchased one for my dad as an early Father’s day gift. He loved it! The gallery carries local watercolors artists, one of a kind blown glass ornaments and holiday-themed gifts from around the world. The owner Ursel is an artist herself and her passion is resonated throughout her place. Stop in!

Visit: Ursel’s Web








June 2016

Mad Dog Artist Studios / Art Gallery

For a mix of artistic talent, there is nothing better than Mad Dog Artist Studios and Gallery. I happened upon this exciting space while exploring a craft show nearby. The artists are inviting, committed to their talent and it shows. With month-to-month membership the building is fabulous and so are the costs. Visit their Open Studio Saturdays from (February-June). A must visit place to see and explore.

Visit Mad Dog Artist Studios Art Gallery








April 2016

Dryden Gallery



I am in love with this gallery. Yes, it’s true. With an acre of art for all to see why wouldn’t you want to visit this place with room after room of countless art?! The prints, paintings, charts and maps, (to name a few) are a huge extension of Dryden Gallery. There are always artist exhibits in constant view with the most helpful and savvy staff.   Come explore this wonderful building and discover all the art housed here.

p.s. They also are fantastic picture framers too!

Visit Dryden Gallery










March 2016

depARTures Gallery


Hello travel. While leaving the biggest little city I discovered a wonderful little gallery called the depARTures gallery. Guess where? The Reno-Tahoe International Airport. How innovative! So excited as I was able to continue my art-search. The photography exhibit, Burning Man (that I had recently heard about) peeked my interest and other travelers as well. The show consisted of photographs with many layers of sharing the message to ‘Encourage individuals to discover and exercise his/her inner resources’. So incredible.

Visit: depARTures Gallery








March 2016

Marcus Ashley Gallery

MAlogo - Copy


First class all the way… This gallery encompasses a diverse group of art consultants who focus on displaying and educating the public on new and/or seasoned talent.   I love the variety of mediums and the welcoming display layout. They really do know how to introduce artwork to clients with first rate service that includes custom framing and private home shows.   This is a must visit fine art gallery!

Visit: Marcus Ashley Gallery

MA5MA3 - CopyMA2 - CopyMA1 - Copy







March 2016

Sun Art Gallery



Visit: Sun Art Gallery

David’s full name means, ‘Bright Giant.’ His work along with his wife, Connie imitate that and above. With an early influence from his mother creativity was born within. David and Connie opened the Sun Art Gallery in 2004 and have produced a variety of mediums of breathtaking and fascinating art! I was astounded by the multitude of pieces they house in their gallery and the vast amounts of mediums they produce. Each one tells a different layer of their lives… Remarkable team.









March 2016

La Galleria


Visit: La Galleria

Ahhh…, that’s the feeling I experienced walking into La Galleria. With so many unique art and distinctive gifts from around the globe, my eyes were darting all over the place. This gallery is like the Chanel of artforms! The trickling water features set the ‘ohm-mood’ to relax, view and experience fabulous talent that will make you want to encounter each piece. See for yourself…






February 2016

Spring Bull Gallery

SbullGalleryLogoVisit: Spring Bull Studio & Gallery

Let’s talk art! I was invited to a wonderful exhibit here and can’t stop talking about it. The setting is Newport, RI with a hop, skip and a jump across the way to the Newport Art Museum (see April 2015 write-up). The artists in this cooperative gallery display their works and are committed to ‘user-friendly’ approach to art enthusiasts and newbies to art collecting. Come visit and view for yourself fine art by the 17 present members.



January 2016

Blink Gallery

BlinkLogo - Copy


Visit: Blink Gallery

This past Fall while strolling in Newport, I happened upon Blink Gallery. What a great find! From photoblocks to carbon jewelry, and other impressive artists sprinkled-in, your eyes will be focused on every piece. The carefully selected curated art makes this notable space worth the trip. Come for a visit and meet owner-operator Alexander “Sandy” Nesbitt, the attraction is memorable…

Blink1 - CopyBlink3Photoblock







December 2015

Yellow Peril Gallery


Visit: Yellow Peril Gallery

Austere with thought-provoking work. There is nothing better than viewing exceptional art from around the globe. The Yellow Peril Gallery does that and more…With powerful pieces (solo exhibits), that trigger conversations, you leave with an exhilarating experience of new found art. Tucked in the neighborhood of Olneyville, RI they respect and welcome diverse artistic cultures. A must see.








November 2015

Robert Duff Gallery



Visit: Robert Duff Gallery

Robert Duff has been exploring New England his entire life. His gallery is filled with delightful pieces that will have you keep coming back for viewing.   As a native, there is nothing more pleasing to the eye than fresh air, the seashore and the appreciation of local farms.   His studies and techniques stem from the Hudson River school of artists and works in American luminist-style.









October 2015

Arthur Moniz Gallery


Visit: Arthur Moniz Gallery

I am in love with detail… and this gallery is full of detailed artistic creations. Arthur’s themes range from scenic New England to Florida shorelines and beyond. The images are quiet and calming, as if you could place yourself there and never want to leave…









September 2015

Eugene Galleries


Visit: Eugene Galleries

Need a map of Boston from the 19th century? You will find it here and lots of them! Walking into this space is a step to the past with finds from post cards, one-of-a-kind prints and books from around the globe. The staff is knowledgeable and pleasant and the discoveries are distinctive. Come and browse and find that perfect relic.








August 2015

West End Gallery


Visit: West End Gallery

The mediums are captivating and the collection is spot-on. Strolling through Corning, NY on a rainy day, this gallery totally caught my eye. With two art-filled floors you can’t help but dash from one artist to the next and be completely inspired! What a pleasant find on a drizzly day in upstate New York!









July 2015

Five Richmond


Visit: Five Richmond

Don’t you just love meeting people that have total ‘Art Passion’?! I did here. Five Richmond located in Providence, RI has the perfect setting located on the east side. With collections of jewelry, decorative pieces, drawings and more… this space has it all. Come and browse your eyes will be excited by what it sees. The proprietors are delightful, gracious and are happy to share their knowledge with you…

5Richmond3 5Richmond2 5Richmond


June 2015

Studio Hop


Visit: StudioHop

This studio is a gem (!) as I stumbled upon it a few months back… Owners Nina and Peter welcomed me into their gallery and spoke about the variety of works on display. The artistries (mostly local) range from jewelry to vintage antiques. The space is extensive and in perfect walking distance to area restaurants and other unique shops. Come for a visit and explore one-of-a-kind collections.

Hop3 Hop2 Hop1


May 2015

The Artist’s Studio & Gallery At Patriot Place



The Artist’s Studio & Gallery at Patriot Place is a weekend haven for anyone! If you’re just looking, or shopping to make a purchase, this is the place. Come and explore and educate yourself. Supporting local talent is their mission and all are welcome. The range varies from young to seasoned artists. A must visit if you are in the area.

PatArt6 PatArt5 PatArt4


April 2015

Bank RI



Add a little creativity to your financial visit? You can at 3 of Bank Rhode Island’s branches. The curator Paula spends part of her time presenting wonderful artwork in the bank space that began in 1990s to connect with the community. There is nothing better than art to do just that. With changes each month a local artist sets the stage on the walls with their creations. Stop in if you are a customer or just want to view some amazing talent. All work is for sale and can be seen at these 3 branches: Pitman Street, DownCity and North Kingstown.


March 2015

Vanda Gallery



Vanda’s Gallery is all about her work. She’s a painter at heart and transforms her work into prints, greetings cards and does commission pieces. Her creations represent genres for all occasions. I met Venda while touring in Galway, Ireland last year. Her smart retrospect into the art world is real and her work is nothing short of that. Painting started about 18 years ago and she hasn’t stopped her colorful, calm and tranquil creations. The detail is recognized and felt and warms a smile in your soul.

VLboat VLballerina vandaLuddyfront


February 2015

New England Farm and Artist



West Greenwich, RI has a fantastic haven for local artists… and it’ called New England Farm and Artist. With the storefront displaying a whole host of creative crafts and artistries, the rear gallery is an exclusive setting for showing fine artwork, hosting workshops and gallery openings. They support the local community and ‘offer products that enhance our health…’ It’s an ideal place, a first visit will have you back for more.

NEFAMcElroy NEFAEdge NEFABianchi


January 2015

Adirah Gallery



Ahhh Africa… Have you ever been? I have and it’s a mecca for the soul of pure artistic culture. But, the best part is Adirah Gallery is here in Providence, Rhode Island and you can get that experience right here. From hand-carved masks and furniture to a variety of jewelry and textiles. The family name ‘Adirah’ brings great life to the collection and a portion of proceeds are donated to benefit the children and women of Kenya. Stop in a chat with the owner who’s roots run deep.



December 2014

GRIN Gallery



GRIN Gallery is all about art, contemporary art. It’s stimulating! Located at The Plant in Olneyville, RI it has exhibited works since inception of June 2013. The directors Corey Oberlander and Lindsey Stapleton promote various artists across diverse mediums. Their mission is not only to exhibit and expose fresh craft, but to “promote and intellectually demanding yet aesthetically pleasing environment…” the space is fresh, light and modern. The works are equally as renewed and distinctive. Well worth the trip for an afternoon experience.

GRIN3.jpg GRIN5.jpg GRIN2.jpg


February 2014

Clever Hand Gallery



Located in Wellesley, MA this boutique gallery offers works from over 20+ artists from the New England area.  Managed and owned by the artisans’ cooperative, you will always find and discover unique pieces to wear and  use and have the opportunity to meet and share experiences with one or more of the artist(s) firsthand!  A truly wonderful place and distinctive space.

LF-1.jpg MD-1.jpg Boryana-Kolf-1.jpg


January 2014

Gray Owl Gallery



The Gray Owl Gallery located in upstate New York and is a petite gem!  It houses local painters (internationally-known), photographers and Craft Artisans.  If you are in the area, stop in and browse (as there is something for everyone) and the art is well worth checking out and the proprietor is lovely!

AOV-Colin-Barclay-Katie-Trinle-Legge-Matt-Maley-Warren-Hurley-Robert-Frazier-George-Knaus.jpg Spokes-26-x-33-Watercolor-by-Katherine-Gray.jpg AOV-Colin-Barclay-Kevin-Cook-Warren-Hurley.jpg


December 2013

G. Steven Jordan Gallery

G. Steve Jordan Gallery


Tucked away in the village of New Paltz, NY is a very exciting gallery called; G. Steve Jordan Gallery.  And the best part? Steve is there to talk and show his amazing work!  His work exhibits passion for the Hudson Valley and the Shawangunk Ridge.  Steve captures the landscape is each piece he creates and his inspiration comes from the Hudson River school artists…

GStevenGallery2 GStevenGallery


November 2013

Steven Katz Steven Katz


Within this great little greeting card shop is a great Gallery with works by Steven Katz.  Energy, color, creativity and clean lines describe his photos.  Simply fab!  All are available for purchase on the site above.

October 2013

Goetemann Gallery



This gallery located in the Rocky Neck Artist colony in Gloucester, MA is a wonderful blend of artwork from a wife/husband team.  Not only does is accommodate 3 galleries, a permanent residence and working studios the best part is you can chat all year long with the owners.  They are very warm and gracious to their inviting space and their artwork is nothing but the best!

G2 G1


September 2013

Alta Luna Gallery



There is nothing more inviting than a gallery owner who creates art, sells art and exhibits her (and several other artists) work all under one roof.  Hence, the Alta Luna gallery…

Is it possible that Jane Dever, the proprietor, has the perfect artist life?  I’m thinking yes!  Located in Bristol, Rhode Island this fabulous space houses all types of art work from many different backgrounds.   If you are strolling around in this great little deep water seaport, stop in, view the works and chat with Jane, she’s wonderful…


August 2013

Donovan Gallery


Nestled in Tiverton, RI rests a wonderful space called the Donovan Gallery.  Filled with local New England artists, it’s a lovely place to seek, browse and discover a whole host of oils, pastels, photographs, jewelry and more…


July 2013

OneWay Gallery

OneWay Gallery


Narragansett is a bustling summer resort in South County Rhode Island.   The OneWay Gallery is a gem of a find for urban, contemporary and mixed art.  Located on Boon Street with a funky boutique connected they are expanding their space to exhibit more artists both local and from surrounding areas.  I was able to poke around for a few minutes as they were closing but was able to surround myself with very seasoned work with all types of mediums.  Well worth a visit and I look forward to the next Gallery Night!

One2 One3 One1

July 2013

TseTse Gallery



It’s not often you meet someone for the first time and you are automatically connected with them… but Therese M. Lavallee, President and Executive Director is that person.  I first found this gallery several years ago as I was looking for space to hold an art event, the space was booked but a friendship began immediately.

Tsetse gallery stands for: ‘Building Community Through Art’.

An exceptional gallery in the heart of Providence that is committed to providing a culturally artistic space for all ages, ethnicities and abilities with the expectation to further the community’s understanding and compassion towards social integrity.




July 2013

Mosaic Arts


In the middle of Bristol, Rhode Island, sits a little oasis of a Gallery called: Mosaic Arts.    I visited here in June for the monthly ART night  in Bristol and Warren.  Valerie Bretl is the proprietor and exhibits her work along with her husbands work.  LOVE the medium.  Valerie creates all her mosaic work from stoneware, ceramics, marble, granite, stained glass and other fragments.  Her subjects include nature, still-lifes, shorelines and figurines.  Valerie noted her husband frames each of her peices so she can ‘create out-of-square’ peices, so refreshing!!  She and I chatted for a few minutes on her latest work of Butterflies incorporated into Nautical themes.  A gem of a find in this community.  Make sure if you are passing thru to visit as the Gallery is open from June – September.




July 2013

PeaceLove Studios



This studio is a haven for all who enter.  Created by Jeff Sparr (the owner) through his own challenges with life, a space that allows an environment to be yourself, create and enjoy!  This gem is located in Pawtucket, RI.   A studio (build with Love) encourages people with mental challenges a place to share, learn and develop themselves through creative outreach programs.  Art pieces are available to purchase.