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Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art

It’s always welcoming when a new ‘interactive’ learning space makes its way into Providence, RI. The Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art, (RIMOSA) does that and more. With hands-on, open minded exhibits, programs and open maker space you will find yourself racing from one experience to the next! A fun filled place that adheres to all age groups and encompasses learning science while creating art all combined under one roof. I found myself not wanted to leave to create and learn more, more, more…


Cooper-Hewitt Museum

Visit: Cooper-Hewitt Design Museum

When you think of design, think Cooper Hewitt Museum in New York city. It’s quite impressive. Founded in the latter part of the nineteenth century by the granddaughters of industrialist Peter Cooper and Cooper Hewitt, the space is housed in the mansion of Carnegie, and the best part is it’s on the Museum mile… With four floors of design, collection and interactive learning resources, it will have you advancing your culture curve! With a huge digital library, it was refreshing to revisit my items once I left and wanted me back for so much more… The museum offers an abundance of lectures, special exhibits, lectures and hands-on workshops. Stop in and explore, the architecture and staircases alone are well worth the viewing.

Guggenheim Museum

Guggenheim Museum

Visit: Guggenheim Museum

There’s a wonderful museum on New York’s upper east side that houses one of kind art in an architectural wunderbar. That place? The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. I try and visit this museum every couple of years to get my groove back in fabulous architecture that only in New York can accumulate. I have a place in my heart for German Expressionism, color explosion and a place in time that houses these artists and artifacts. The circular motion of the galleries are unique and open. The space gives the expression that air, art and time are of the finest essence. See for yourself, it’s a gem not hidden in NYC!

Shell Museum

Visit: Shell Museum

There’s a wonderful little museum tucked away in the Shell Factory and Nature Park in North Fort Myers, Florida. Housed in a large shopping warehouse with shells that you can see, touch and purchase.  This museum adds a piece of charm to the site. Here you can view a seashell replica of All Saints Church built entirely of assorted shells, a seashell suit and a variety of unusual beautiful seashells from around the local beach areas. Come visit and learn interesting facts and history of family shells, as you will want to have a keepsake of an original ocean aquatic species!