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Artist Interviews


Corey Motta

Medium: Photography

There is an urban fresh feel when I discovered Corey’s photographs. He was inspired by the use of a camera from school. How cool is that?! Capturing not only young faces, but the sounds and sights that are captured when we listen and see. He is a pioneer in his journey and he seizes it with each click of the lens. Keep clicking Corey, you are on to something very big!

Visit: Corey Motta

Read my exclusive interview with Corey here.

Ted DiLucia

Medium: Paint

I would describe Ted’s work as an American painter with Urban Pop Traditionalism twist… Why? His paintings evoke a real sense of realism topped with history and symbolism throughout; follow the circles… With a self taught passion for art history his creations are as unique as the artist himself. View his collection it’s quite impressive!

Visit: Ted DiLucia

Read Exclusive Interview here.

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Tamara Diaz

Medium: Painter, Colored Pencils, Watercolors, Mixed Media

There is much more that life represented here. Tamara’s art encompasses emotions brought on by stories, human forms and images through the viewer. I am moved every time I view one of her pieces… With each work of art the use of Art Therapy is incorporated as a tool and visually takes us through communities, families, genre and history. The colors are exuberant and the placement is spot on to reflect true form in a most expressive style.

Visit: Tamara Diaz

View her Interview here.

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