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Corey Motta

Medium: Photography

There is an urban fresh feel when I discovered Corey’s photographs. He was inspired by the use of a camera from school. How cool is that?! Capturing not only young faces, but the sounds and sights that are captured when we listen and see. He is a pioneer in his journey and he seizes it with each click of the lens. Keep clicking Corey, you are on to something very big!

Visit: Corey Motta

Read my exclusive interview with Corey here.

Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art


It’s always welcoming when a new ‘interactive’ learning space makes its way into Providence, RI. The Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art, (RIMOSA) does that and more. With hands-on, open minded exhibits, programs and open maker space you will find yourself racing from one experience to the next! A fun filled place that adheres to all age groups and encompasses learning science while creating art all combined under one roof. I found myself not wanted to leave to create and learn more, more, more…

John Vander

 Medium: Painter, Mixed Media

You don’t need to spend a lot of time with John to know his passion for art. Thank goodness we met! While visiting Booth Bay Harbor in Maine, I checked out the Gold|Smith Gallery were I discovered his work. I was moved by his rhythm and bold colors he created in his ‘Classic Jazz’ series. Emotions run high and he is constantly working on pieces; some take years to complete. Life emulates with his creations and the sounds of music shine through. Each piece is classic, like the artist. His knowledge of art, culture, being in the moment and conversation had me intrigued. Splitting his time in studios in Maine and Italy have unique surroundings and a wide breadth of creations he continues to work on… Bravo!

Visit: John Vander

Three Wheel Studio

Medium: Pottery

I love Dwo Wen Chen’s story behind his passion for clay. His work surprises, amazes and keeps me seeking more of this talented wheel throwing gift. His subjects are just as unique as his color schemes. With exotic yet playful and oh-so eye-catching ability, each piece is tastefully executed. From playful childhood memories to hand placed organic leaves, each stage of his work it thoroughly planned and executed to perfection. Bravo!

Visit: Three Wheel Studio