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The Clark

Visit: The Clark

Ahhh the arrival of a new year… which brings me to my first Museum write-up for 2015, The Clark!
Visiting The Clark is a whole new experience today. Not only is the history that surrounds this intellectual institution an awesome sight, the newly added Visitor center complete with reflecting pool sets for a perfect location in Williamstown, MA. The collection includes American and European artists (mostly Impressionists) that have been collected by the late owners Sterling and Francine Clark. The museum also hosts a variety of Gallery talks, Education programs, Classes and Films just to name a few. It is also within 10 minutes of MassMOCA (see December 2014 write-up) and have teamed up to offer experiences in Curatorship in contemporary art for graduate students. Download their free app and discover The Clark.

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Bristol Art Museum

What a cool place! You must visit this museum, plain and simple. Founded in 1963, and located in Bristol, RI really sets the stage by appreciating the arts and exhibiting / educating the local community. With its new space (formally a barn) located on the grounds of the 200 year old Linden Place mansion, the collections have been contemporary and modern. The displays are second to none and well planned out. The grounds are equally as interesting and historic.



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Attleboro Arts Museum

Visit: Attleboro Arts Museum

Since it’s inception in 1923, the community of Attleboro, MA has been dedicated to the arts. That’s true artistic devotion! With the last move in the 1990s to bigger gallery space and modern facilities, the museum serves and involves audiences of all ages. With classes, programs and events just to name a few, this museum has really distinguished itself. During my visit, Patrick really gave me great information about the space and current exhibit. His true enthusiasm made my mini tour there worth the trek.



Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum

Visit: Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum

Since I’m a Hudson Valley girl I love nothing better than bragging about all the wonderful places this area has to offer. The Mid-Hudson Children’s Museum is one of these gems. The welcoming dog sculpture greets visitors at the main entrance where the staff awaits and is friendly, helpful and extremely knowledgeable. The two story museum has educational learning and play areas for all age groups that will have you wanting to join in the fun. The first floor has RiverTown where children can shop for groceries then go to a mini kitchen and pretend to play, prepare and cook food. The colorful items and utensils are equally exciting. As I approached the second floor, an enormous 12,000-year-old mastodon replica greets you. (Most interesting was this skeleton was discovered just miles away! Through the interactive stations, I was drawn to the tangible spaghetti-like lights that were dangling. A tactile item for sure. With it’s location along the Hudson River, you can walk the grounds, view the beautiful Hudson river and picnic on the premises. Definitely a must visit and is most welcoming spot.