November, 2019

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Fernwood Fairy Doors

Medium: Mixed Media

Fairies are all around us. They believe in life, laughter and love, do you?? Traveling to Canada, I discovered these lovely doors and fell for them instantly. Constructed out of cedarwood and colors galore I wish one could travel through these magical gates and explore… With tiny ornate hinges and beaded handles, fairies are waiting to be invited into your space. The frame is made out of hand picked moss owl’s nest, only a fairy can entry with a special key as the owl above stands guard. Each piece is unique and special. The fairies are waiting for you!

Visit: Fernwood Fairy Doors

Yess Pottery

Medium: Ceramics

When an artist creates from a young age, the world is your oyster for imagination. Elena Yess is one of those artists. Always in a nurtured-creative environment, she continued her passion for art through education in many mediums. When she found pottery, her dedication followed. Her focus and energy remained in the craft. She is a Master Potter and owner of Yess Pottery in New Paltz, New York. With her simple, yet detailed designs, her colors shine through. You will never tire of her masterpieces!

Visit: Yess Pottery

Captured in Glass

Medium: Stained Glass

Ronnee Peters loves glass and it shows. A trained artist with lots of creative diversity from bookends, lamps, commissions and more, …her style is ‘happy’! She shares her custom textured work with details, colors and a variety of subjects. She has contributed fabricated windows and doors for several homes and businesses. Cats inspire her and add to her ideas. View her new line of feline works. She has exhibited in the New York and New Jersey areas. Trained in Education, her knowledge and teaching skills are spot on and her inspiration continues with each person she meets.

Visit: Captured in Glass