September, 2017

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Theresita Design

Medium: Ceramics – Hand painted

These hand painted beauties had me at wow! Theresita Design are functional ideal ceramics for your home or someone special. With shapes, colors and design in mind, Theresita gathers all her designs from years of travel, cultures and people. Looking for that that pop of color blended with urban chic?, she will customize shape, design and color your palette… That’s unique customer one-of-a-kind service. Explore her world of ceramics.

Visit: Theresita Design

Dean Williams

Medium: Photography

I met Dean this summer at a craft fair in Riverside, RI and was eager to check out his work. With a fresh attitude and a passion for the lens, it clearly shows in his photographs. With genre subjects and an eye for color and composition, each frame is a must see. With every piece I am taken on a little journey into his world and never wanting to stop. Dean’s art has me seeing life in a whole new level. Bravo!

Visit: Dean Williams

Glass Monkey Arts

Medium: Stained Glass

What’s better than a sun catcher? Probably another sun catcher! Trish’s glass art is quite appealing… With designs ranging from animals to common items, they will have you glistening. From the detailing of a cat’s eyes to a bird’s wings, the colors and subjects will keep you intrigued. She will capture any request you have no matter how whimsical as she loves the challenge.  Step into her delightful world of glass…

View: Glass Monkey Arts

Jade Sisti

Medium: Painter

I love Jade’s energy and how it transfers into her work. With hints of female warriors (and other cosmic beings…) you can almost feel the powers within. With strong hues of reds, black and white, the views take me on a journey into a comic-like world. She is expressive, creative and dynamic all wrapped up in one. Check out her work to explore your own reality.

Visit: Jade Sisti