January, 2017

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Nina Ackmann

Medium: Painter | Photographer

Nina’s creations are in a constant state of movement. As an artist, her relationship to color varies with each pigment and how it can effect mood and emotions. Nature is a large part of her world and continues on the canvas and how the colorings respond to each other. Working as a psychotherapist, she and her works are always in motion, learning and change. Nina continues to be inspired by learning and life.

Visit: Nina Ackmann

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Paul M Cote

Medium: Painter

Sometimes I feel with my eyes… this is how Paul’s work changes me. His broad spectrum of colors and emotions mixed with authentic energy are achieved in his paintings. With a blend paint in multiple layers, swirls and dots an explosion of skill is achieved. Simply breathtaking with a visual language all his own.

Visit: Paul M Cote

Floating Stone Woodworks

Medium: Wood Craft

Michael Pietragalla believes in quality and it’s quite evident in his woodworking craft. With an Arts & Craft style his furniture is functional and easy-on-the-eye. With the perfect loft setting, he creates traditional-like pieces, encourages custom work and does repairs along with restoration. With a variety of wood choices, his work is flawless and his passion for excellence emulates.

Visit: Floating Stone Woodworks

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Ted DiLucia

Medium: Paint

I would describe Ted’s work as an American painter with Urban Pop Traditionalism twist… Why? His paintings evoke a real sense of realism topped with history and symbolism throughout; follow the circles… With a self taught passion for art history his creations are as unique as the artist himself. View his collection it’s quite impressive!

Visit: Ted DiLucia

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