December, 2016

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Tender Light Creations

Medium: Jewelry

Organic elements with a twist of inspirational materials. How could you not fall in love with these beauties!? Susi is the maker of this fine collection and her experimental ways combined with her passion for studying shapes and color shines throughout.   With each creation of mediums (i.e. sea glass, pebbles etc.) her collection are truly brilliant.

Visit: Tender Light Creations

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Atomic Earrings

Medium: 3-D Printing

My world has opened up a little more due to Bob Field. With a curiosity for different and innovative art he landed in a place where he learned CAD software with 3D printing… and “POOF”, Atomic Earrings was launched! With bright colors and light weight forms, (did I mention the micro-organism shapes?!) these unique earrings, along with other decorative selections were born. He’s such an inspiration to never stop creating and discovering new ways for state-of-the-art creations.

Visit: Atomic Earrings

atomic atomic-5 atomic-3 atomic-2

Nicole Duperre Photography

Medium: Photography

Her palette may vary but her focus is consistent. With a love for photographing pets she continues to use her art history and architecture knowledge with an outcome of very unique prints. With a keen eye for detail, I am in love with the composition and color spectrum. It’s simple and sophisticated. Bravo Nicole!

Visit: Nicole Duperre Photography

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Fish Prints

Medium: Gyotaku prints

I don’t know the exact method Stephanie Mason uses, but she creates these wonderful pieces of art from the ‘Gyotaku’ technique. Truly amazing! Start by painting on a dead fish, add rice paper and rub (gently) and voila.   All these intricate details give a whole new meaning to ‘aquatic’ art and it’s beautiful beyond words.


fish-4 fish1 fish-3