November, 2016

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Shepherd’s Run

Medium: Jewelry

I love the simplicity of Rebecca’s work. With an international flair, these metal models are one-of-a-kind. Started as a hobby, she transformed her interest in etching to metals and the rest is young history. Each piece is a circular form of life and gives energy and light to those who wear it. … Way to go!

Visit: Shepherd’s Run

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Graffects Unlimited

Medium: Mixed Medium

This team really takes creativity to a whole new level. The love of art mixed with technology creates a variety of very interesting results. I met Tyeise and John this past summer in East Providence at an outdoor festival. With backgrounds in advertising, technology, sailing and missionary work their blend of inventiveness is insightful!

Visit: Graffects Unlimited

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Tamara Diaz

Medium: Painter, Colored Pencils, Watercolors, Mixed Media

There is much more that life represented here. Tamara’s art encompasses emotions brought on by stories, human forms and images through the viewer. I am moved every time I view one of her pieces… With each work of art the use of Art Therapy is incorporated as a tool and visually takes us through communities, families, genre and history. The colors are exuberant and the placement is spot on to reflect true form in a most expressive style.

Visit: Tamara Diaz

View her Interview here.

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