August, 2016

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Attleboro Arts Museum

Visit: Attleboro Arts Museum

Since it’s inception in 1923, the community of Attleboro, MA has been dedicated to the arts. That’s true artistic devotion! With the last move in the 1990s to bigger gallery space and modern facilities, the museum serves and involves audiences of all ages. With classes, programs and events just to name a few, this museum has really distinguished itself. During my visit, Patrick really gave me great information about the space and current exhibit. His true enthusiasm made my mini tour there worth the trek.



Cait Marchetti Jewelry

Medium: Jewelry

Trained in Jewelry and Metal with a minor in drawing, Cait has made a splash in the New England market! With roots in gardening and a passion for the outdoors, each piece she creates is unique and precise. Her color palette is captivating and each subject tells a story. I want to know every last word! Her small scale drawings morph into wearable art preserved by the process of firing graphite into enamel. Her drawings are well preserved forever in glass…

Visit: Cait Marchetti Jewelry

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Sharon Cutts

Medium: Painter, 2D, 3D, Sculpture

I recently discovered Sharon’s work at a Providence gallery. I was intrigued at first glance. The subject matters had me wondering about hidden or backside thoughts while my interest in her ‘staples’ mixed within gave a sense of balance and added dimension. Sharon knows color and how to use it. Captivating. With pallets of mixed mediums and subject matters, she is constantly moving with new processes and elements. Her former life working in 3D has morphed into a new form of medium that challenges her driving force.

Visit: Sharon Cutts

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Evans Molina Fernandez

Medium: Paint and Mixed Media

There is a certain vibe with Evan’s work and it’s very present. With Cuban life, high energy and personal depth his paintings are nothing but real and raw. Incorporated into some works are literally fragments of his clothes and tears of memories from events lived. I purchased a piece of his work and he speaks of the sea, the fish the lives of Cuban culture and most importantly, the growth of his life today.

Hay una cierta vibra con el trabajo de Evan y es muy presente. Con la vida cubana , alta energía y profundidad personal sus pinturas no son más que real y cruda . Incorporado en algunos trabajos son, literalmente, fragmentos de su ropa y lágrimas de recuerdos de eventos vivían . He comprado una pieza y habla del mar, los peces la vida de la cultura cubana y lo más importante, el crecimiento de su vida en la actualidad.

Bravo Evans!

Visit: Evans Molina Fernandez

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