June, 2016

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Laura White Carpenter

Mediums: Ceramics, Painter, Mixed Media, 2D / 3D

I have great admiration for Laura’s work. With organic fragments mixed with attractive and appealing ceramic pieces has me drawn to hidden beauties, shapes, and forms. Has nature been enhanced? I think so… With layers in her paintings what is revealed? I see a new found landscape looking from altered dimensions. Fabulous! The 3-D pieces are a modern day juxtaposition on form and creative add-ons that let the beholder interpret their own intention, and it works perfectly. See Laura’s images.

Visit: Laura White Carpenter

CarpFeature Carp2 Carp1

Carrie Wagner

Medium: Illustrator

What a colorful world Carrie has created! With coast-to-coast roots she has found common ground from LA to PVD. Her illustrations are cheerful, bright and all around creative. The subjects are fairy-like with hints of magic, mystery and stories to be told. You can use your imagination in each one of them to create a world all of your own. Carrie is working on a children’s book that I’m waiting patiently for…  Discover her ingenuity.

Visit: Carrie Wagner

Carrie5 Carrie3 Carrie2


Gayle Visentine Reynolds

Medium: Painter, Mixed Media

Art for life.  Gayle’s world has evolved over time and is well versed in forms, interior design and art history (my favorite!).  With color and emotions her works plays a role also in encompassing mood.  Her latest creations of abstract pieces are becoming larger and bolder than life as she explores surface textures and other various mediums.  Seeing her work in a gallery in Massachusetts, I was drawn immediately to her pigment schemes and movement.  Fabulous!

Visit: Gayle Visentine Reynolds


Jennifer Nauck

Medium: Glass artist

With a mentor, imagination and experimenting, Jennifer’s love of glass was born. Her colors, shapes and creativity gives her the upper edge of this wonderful medium. With entirely her own beginnings of her style (still in the making), she morphed into larger pieces that reflect, light, movement, water and translucency. It’s dreamlike and mystic rolled into one. Visit her work and site.

Visit: Jennifer Nauck

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