April, 2016

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Richard McCaffrey

Medium: Photography

Richard’s camera-eye says it all. With a seasoned gift behind his lens, his craft has been dedicated to taking photos. Each image is a performance. With beginnings as a US Army photographer that lead to commercial work his passion took him to covering art and music in Rhode Island. Later his career photographing the music industry was born and it’s fabulous! Take me back to rock-n-roll, up close and personal. Way to go!

Visit: Richard McCaffrey


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Connecticut River Museum

Visit: Connecticut River Museum

There is nothing better than a river. Why? Because I grew up along the Hudson river and love the life around it… The Connecticut River Museum is a whole lotta education packed in a great setting housed in the Steamboat Warehouse. Situated on the banks of the Connecticut River in Essex, contains some incredible photographs, archival records and exhibitions. Did I mention family oriented activities, boat rides and museum functions and more?! Yes, this little jewel has it all. Come visit and walk the grounds of river community history that reflects on America’s present and past…