April, 2016

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Kingsley Weihe Pottery

Medium: Pottery

When you mix professional architecture with a hobby, Kingsley’s pottery has arrived. With a rewarding affection of construction that mixes science and art she masters appealing decorative motifs in her work. Leaning more on African designs her functioning pieces can serve as lamps, vases, containers and just plain old ornate style for display. Her color glazes are target-on and make these one of a kind creations oh-so appealing. Check out her work.

Visit: Kingsley Weihe Pottery

KWvase KWplate KWlamp KWbowls

Walter Croft

Medium: Wooden Sculptures

Walter’s wooden sculptures will have you doing a double take! These very fine crafted workmanship are not only pleasing to the eye but so life-like you want to reach out and touch it. Carved to perfection the subjects range from sports memorabilia to local beverages. They are detailed in color, interesting and unique. Currently being exhibited at Dryden Gallery in Providence, RI, stop in and view these realistic carvings.

Visit: Walter Croft

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Brett Henrikson

Medium: Photo Art

With many interpretations Brett combines photography with artistic processes. His work has me journeying through his various portfolios. Between vivid colors and abstract concepts, they resonate in unconventional ways. Brilliant!  I am constantly seeking the true meaning of his work. Having recently discovered him, I will continue to follow his creations.

Visit: Brett Henrikson

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Chris Karpinski

Medium: Painter

There is stillness, quiet, and true synchronization when I view Chris’ work. Her melody of brush strokes and movement takes me to inspired places of pure tranquility. Each piece explores nature’s splendor with harmony, movement, reflection and familiarity. I feel like I’ve been there but looking to escape into her world. See for yourself.

Visit: Chris Karpinski

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