November, 2015

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Alex Lukas

Medium: Mixed Media, 3D, Photography, Publishing

You can’t help but be drawn-in strictly by the elements of Alex’s work. Space, design are familiar with a hint of Euro-flare. The areas are exciting and I want to explore more of his universe. Earthly features fit into design and what does it mean? How does it work? Why does it all fit? I am ‘in’ his work consuming all the intentions that mingle to one or many forms. Brilliant.

Visit: Alex Lukas

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Enjoy the week.  Found this turkey art and was amazed by the detail and concept.  Thought I’d share…


Artist: Kristin

Medium: Feather and paint


Mary K Jewellery

Medium: Jewelry

Detail, smart and oh-so feminine. I love Mary’s jewelry collection! With clean simplicity and a ‘can’t decide’ which piece to wear, her craftsmanship is lovely.   With everyday pieces to choose from; quality is a runner-up.  Adorn yourself with a necklace, earrings, or bracelet and notice the attention to the detailing. Beautiful…

Visit: Mary K Jewellery

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Ryan McFee Studio

Medium: Painter

There is art in his blood. Plain and simple. With artistic parents and taking an elective art class in college, Ryan’s world changed from that point on. His paintings exude creativity in every form. The somewhat surreal nature and subjects keep me tuned into his eye from another perspective. Come see for yourself…

Visit: Ryan McFee

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