June, 2015

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Susan Shaw

Medium: Pottery, Jewelry, Painter

How does the viewer interpret my art? For Susan Shaw this task challenges her in more ways than one. What she sees, feels and translates into her work is on a personal level. Her creations come in multiple mediums: ceramic, jewelry and paint. With nature guiding her at times, concepts and movement beyond a piece is just as important as the space surrounding it. Visit her designs.

Visit: Susan Shaw

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Jim Kelly

Medium: Paint, Photography

Combine, explore and invent. Jim’s work is all that and more… With a combo of paint and photography these mediums fuse and form art that rehearses rhythm, texture and detail. With eye-catching themes, you want to discover each piece.

Visit: Jim Kelly

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Susann Foster Brown Studio

Medium: Printmaking, Quilts, Pen & Ink

Printmaking and Pen & Ink (..along side greeting cards) are my favorite mediums. So image when I discovered Susann Foster Brown! There is nothing more exciting than handmade paper, inks and reversed images. Susann is also an accomplished quilt-maker and graphic artist. With so many talents the Studio glistens with detailed nature and old fashioned beauty with eccentric elements. Visit virtually or take the trek to New England.  I have. (smile)

Visit: Susann Foster Brown Studio

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Caroline Ballou

Medium: Jewelry

There is no other way to describe Caroline’s work but first class… With a family tradition that dates back to the 1800s it only natural that style, grace and an international flare go hand-in-hand with each piece.   Each work embellishes traces of contemporary lines and patterns and a constant flow of feminine elegance and light.  Visit the collection.

Visit: CarolineBallou

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