June, 2015

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Lauren Glynn

Medium: Painter

I am truly fascinated by anyone who can paint. Why? There is something brilliant that occurs when the paint touches canvas. Lauren is one of those people. Her dazzling colors, her subjects and her keen creative eye makes me just want to gaze and chat with her all day about her work.

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Laura R. Post

Medium: Intaglio, Painter, Woodcut, Reliefs

A bond, a relationship or a connection describes Laura’s talents. It comes in arrangements of classic stories an instance or a series that expresses her portraits. She experiments. The mediums are intaglio, sketchbook, woodblock or paint. You may know or recognize her work as it’s genre in pure form. Relaxed, familiar and beautiful all wrapped up for your eyes to tell!

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Able Thought

Medium: Photography and Mixed media

With composition and nature as muses, I was fortunate to happen upon Able’s work in downtown Providence one night. Images on vinyl, they blew me away… Very fresh retro and as organic as his lyrics. It’s lively, original and Oh-so collectable.

Visit: Able Thought

ATTree ATPlane ATMixed

Barbara Owen

Medium: Painter and Mixed Media

How could you not want to move with Barbara’s art?!  Love it!! Her mixed media along with her paintings explode in space and captures you immediately.  With modern flair as her creator, there is no where else to go but keep advancing and capturing energies into her brilliant works of art. Discover her talents…

Visit: Barbara Owen

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