May, 2015

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Steve Locke

Medium: Painter, Mixed Media

Men. I was drawn to Steve’s paintings just based on gender. Most images of males are either ‘honored’-like or ‘religious’-liked. Steve’s images have stepped out of this zone and created a world from a much different perspective, and I like it! Just the composition alone has you guessing ‘where’s the rest’? or ‘what about the background’? Precisely. The creativity in his work speaks volume and resonates around culture, war, politics and the human race. Catch-up on his blog and web site…

Visit: ArtandEverythingAfter &

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Joe Danella

Medium: Woodworking

Pick your style… Victorian, Dome, Pagoda, the list goes on. These uniquely styled handcrafted bird abodes would welcome any fly by feathered friend. With mixed woods and materials, these wonders are fully functioning, ventilated, and signed by the artist. A pleasing work of art for any yard! Visit his site for extended information.

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Happy Memorial Day!

Best to all who have served our country and continue to do so everyday…

Alicia Moretti

Medium: Painter

After graduation Alicia’s inspiration is constantly emerging and it shows in her work. With Georgia O’Keeffe as her muse she focuses on negative space, viewing each topic from a different vantage point and even the most smallest detail that may have been overlooked. There’s a whole new world out there! Her knowledge of color is evident and her continuous nurturing in creativity is beaming through…


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